The Full English Version Of Our Hideo Kojima Dubai Interview : Zombies , Next-Gen and MORE ..


I became a true gamer after I played the first game of the Metal Gear Franchise, I am not going to lie to you and say that I loved the game since the days of MSX, since I didn’t enter the world of Kojima until 1998 with Konami’s release of Metal Gear Solid on the PlayStation. Since that very day I become fond of the Metal Gear Solid series and loved all the characters from Otacon to Snake, and the reason why I fell more in love with series is after you finish every game from the series, you keep asking for more and you keep wondering what will happen next after the ending scene, I have so many stories with Metal Gear that happened through my life, from good memories with the games to funny moments that I will talk about in the beginning of the interview.

Pluto Games informed about a month ago that the god father of Metal Gear Franchise Mr. Hideo Kojima will come and visit Dubai ; as part of doing a marketing tour for his studio upcoming game Metal Gear Rising Revengeance and to meet his fans in the middle east. I was so excited to meet and interview the legend, everyone knows that am a big fan of MGS and how I respect Mr. Kojima ideas and his work. Exactly a year ago I was getting ready for my trip to LA to cover E3 and Pluto Games were trying to give me an exclusive interview and dinner meeting with Mr. Kojima but it didn’t work out as plans and I didn’t get the chance to interview him then. In the same trip while I was leaving Nintendo Press Conference I spotted Mr. Kojima in the street so I stopped him for a quick chat and I also took a pic with him you can see it on my Instagram.


As much as Metal Gear influenced my life as a Gamer and Player, Here is Mr. Hideo Kojima taking me back to the world of writing, and with Mr. Kojima’s visit I wanted to write again, where this is going to be our first article on our website since we stopped for period of 4 months now due to technical issues in the website and of course being bust with other stuff. This is going to be the first article on our website that is written in English, and that is because I think this interview should be read by all gamers out there. so let’s start this exciting interview with Mr. Hideo Kojima in Dubai.



Ahmed: In the beginning I just want to tell you that I took two flights one from LA to Dallas and from Dallas to Dubai Just to meet you today here in Dubai.

Kojima: (Laughing)

Ahmed: I lost my luggage and two cameras in the airport.

Kojima: (laughing and asking about what happening)

Ahmed: But it’s worth it just to meet you. I don’t know if you know that, but I am a huge fan seriously since I was a kid I have been living metal gear, since metal gear 1. and I have a lot stories about metal gear, my best friend hates me because of that, because few years ago when metal gear solid 4 came out I bought it and played it for 24 hours straight, and I missed my best friend wedding.

Kojima: (Laughing Hard)

Ahmed: and until now, he hates metal gear because of me and I don’t regret it ..

(Kojima and Ahmed laughed) ..

Ahmed: so I’ll ask you a couple of questions. The first question is I know that you love the walking dead TV show, I have read a lot of your tweets you are talking about it, and I am right now wearing walking dead t-shirt, I think you are going to like it.

(Ahmed stood up and opened his jacket to show Kojima the T-shirt) ..


Kojima: oh Daryl (Pointing at the t-shirt)

Ahmed: So what I wanted to ask you is, I think a lot of the fans would love to have Snake or Big Boss or old snake in a different reality, something like zombies, Metal gear but in a zombie world, Would that work, let’s say for ground zeros just had this idea what if for the multiplayer mode, we have Snake/Big Boss fighting zombies, I think everyone would love that. Making Snake Eater survival looks like a piece of a cake and if you do it, I need to get a percentage out of it.

Kojima: Many games actually incorporate that kind of idea, so I don’t want to do the same old ideas, I love zombies, So I would like to make my own authentic online zombie game.

Ahmed: I would love a Hideo Kojima zombie game that would be the next huge thing. Especially with the fox engine.

Kojima: So when zombie eats the player who will become a zombie and you will start acting like a zombie, when you start playing the game online you obviously will have to fight the zombies but once you become a zombie, you would not be able to move so you are going have to go to endeavor and kill yourself. I love zombie.

Ahmed: I would love to have my hands on this game, this idea would work, especially after seeing metal gear rising how you took the franchise from a tactical espionage to hack and slash adding the zombie element to it, that would be the next thing for kojima I think.

Kojima: like I said, I love zombies, so one day hopefully.

Ahmed: So from the change from snake to big boss to raiden, now we have metal gear rising, would we see a sequel to the game, would we see raiden again.

Kojima: I would like to do it, in my opinion using the same idea, but with Grey Fox. That’s my personal opinion at least.

Ahmed: I think it would work, I tried the game and it’s amazing, I tried it before in E3 and Gamescom, I love how it changed, from that build to what we have now, and I think a lot of metal gear fans will love it.

Kojima: The final  built have even more changes.

Ahmed: I’ve noticed that. It looks amazing now, smoother, the cutting system, the enemies, everything looks better than what I have seen in the Alfa build.

Kojima: And add zombies to it.

Ahmed: yeah, I was thinking about it, it looks like something that will go with a zombie game. All the cutting and the free mode it will make an insane Zombie game.

Kojima: So starring Gray fox and cutting zombies (laughing)

Ahmed: I’m sure you have seen a lot of game companies start localizing games and adding Arabic to the games, Konami also did that with Pro Evolution Soccer, would we see that for other konami games, and especially metal gear, and if there are going to be Arabic dub, can I do the voice acting for snake?

Kojima: Arabic subtitle with ground zeros first, or a zombie game, in future of course we would like to do voice over in Arabic.

Ahmed: I will do the voice acting for free.

Kojima: (Laughing loud) You?

Ahmed: Seriously I will do them all in Arabic without any fee, I will pay you even.

Ahmed: we worked before in localizing games, with EA, and also Nazih worked on localizing Disney game. That is why I wanted to be part of it.

Ken-Ichiro Imaizumi (Senior Producer at Kojima Productions) came and started talking with Kojima telling him about our work translating MGS videos and specially the MG Ground Zeros trailer on DvLZGaME channel.

[do action=”add-youtube-video” youtubeid=”K108xB58Cbg” width=”650″ height=”400″/]

Ahmed: yeah the whole 10 minutes is subtitled fully in Arabic, and we got 100,000 views. I would love to be a part of it; I will do it for free.

[do action=”add-youtube-video” youtubeid=”mIi_zjuSC74″ width=”650″ height=”400″/]

Kojima: (laughing) We pay We pay.

Nazih (Pluto Games PR – Konami middle east distributor): He doesn’t care, he just want to see the game in Arabic like most of people here.

Ahmed: And I want to be part of any kojima games, I am studying gaming design, I already had a bachelor in banking and finance, now for my second degree I went for gaming design.


Ahmed: We have seen a lot of Hideo kojima games on handheld consoles like Metal gear Acid, Peace Walker and also on 3DS Snake Eater, are we going to see any other games on Vita or Wiiu.

Kojima: in the near future it’s going to be all cloud based, so console tablets, it will be multi-device.

Ahmed: I would love to have my hand on metal gear on the vita.

Ken: Sony has to sell more vita. That’s the problem.

Ahmed: yeah they have to, I worked with them on the advertising and marketing here, and we are sure that it will sell more after we get some cool games on it. We also gave away few PS Vita’s on our channel and website. We wanted to show the community how cool is the PS Vita. So hopefully by the time you decide to do a vita game, everyone will have a vita.

Ahmed: Thank you very much I really appreciate it giving us the opportunity to set and chat with you, do you have any words for the fans here in the Middle East.

This was defiantly one of the best interviews I have ever done; I had fun chatting with Mr. Kojima. The translator tried her best to translate the gaming question to Mr. Kojima but it wasn’t perfect translation maybe because I was super hyper trying to ask 1000 questions at once but from my previous interviews with the kojima team I learnt few Japanese words and sentence so before she translate her answer I was firing my second question and Mr. Kojima liked that..

Kojima: Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeros is on progress, and on schedule, but it’s going to take a little bit of time, but immediately next month rising will be launched, so play rising while waiting for ground zeros, After that maybe perhaps a zombie game.

Ahmed: A follow up question will ground zeros be release on the current generation console or the next generation consoles?

Kojima: Top secret, but soon we can open that.

Ahmed: I know that Sony and Microsoft are working on their generation consoles and they are going to announce either before E3 or during it, and by then we will know if ground zeros will be on the next or current generation consoles, which in my opinion with graphic like the fox engine will be on next gen console.

Kojima: You will find out someday soon. In some point .. Sooner than you think. ..

Ahmed: Thank you very much.

This was defiantly one of the best interviews I have ever done; I had fun chatting with Mr. Kojima. The translator tried her best to translate the gaming question to Mr. Kojima but it wasn’t perfect translation maybe because I was super hyper trying to ask 1000 questions at once but from my previous interviews with the kojima team I learnt few Japanese words and sentence so before she translate her answer I was firing my second question and Mr. Kojima liked that..

In the final day of Mr. Kojima trip to Dubai I gave him our logo (DvLZGaME) logo carved in crystal, hopefully our logo will be in Mr. Kojima desk while he is working on Ground Zero, Phantom Pain?? And Metal Gear ZOMBIES .. If we got a pic of Mr. Kojima with our logo we will update the article ..


Wait for our exclusive behind the scene coverage of Mr. Kojima trip to Dubai .. We loved having Mr. Kojima here in Dubai, all the guys in the office specially Me and Hamoodz and we would love to thank Pluto Games and Konami for this opportunity.. I flew all the way back from LA just to meet Kojima and I don’t regret it at all .. In the end it’s really amazing to say a legend like Mr. Kojima here in Dubai that means our Arab Gaming Community is evolving ..

Thanks all for reading this is the first english article in our website, hope you enjoyed reading it. Share this articles and help us spread the world ( METAL GEAR ZOMBIE LET’S MAKE IT HAPPEN) ..

Ahmed AL-Nasheet


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